The Edge Social Grille & Lounge is Open For Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Our menu is inspired by world-class recipes blended together with the freshest local products available. The wide array of appetizers, entrees, desserts and cocktails give you bold bursts of flavour and aromas that leave you wanting more.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Edge Grille and Social Lounge is Vancouver’s superior choice for perfectly balanced ingredients, mouth-watering dishes and hand crafted cocktails.   



Available from 7 am until 11:30 am Monday to Friday, and from 7am until 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

All dishes are prepared with premium ingredients and each dish is given its own special touch. We are also proud that we only serve BC grown OMEGA 3 eggs.

Individual bowl of cereal $4

Traditional House Made Oatmeal
with cinnamon and brown sugar $6.00

Quinoa Oatmeal
organic red quinoa, apple & pear compote, cinnamon, brown sugar $8.00

Edge Continental
fruit salad, vanille yogurt, choice of muffin, apple strudel, croissant or toast & preserves $9.00

Breakfast Parfait
vanilla yogurt, granola, blueberry compote $7.00

Egg White Florentine Skillet
baby spinach, bell peppers, marinated mushrooms, whole wheat toast, fresh cut fruit $12

Smoked Salmon Bagel
cream cheese, capers, red onion, fruit salad $13


Eggs Benedict

Two Poached Eggs, Grilled English Muffin, Hollandaise, Hash Browns

*classic smoked back bacon $14
*blackstone (strip bacon and heirloom tomato) $14
*smoked salmon, baby spinach, cream cheese $15
*baby spinach, heirloom tomato, goat cheese   $12

Two Eggs Any Style
toast and hash browns, choice of bacon, ham, or sausage $11

“Over the Edge” Omelette
cheddar, tomato, ham, peppers, mushroom - served with toast & hash browns
(no substitutions please) $16

Three Eggs Omelette
served with toast, hash browns, and choice of two fillings $13
english sausage | ham | bacon | chorizo | cheddar | goat cheese | swiss |mushrooms | spinach | peppers | tomato
*additional fillings $2

Edge Breakfast

Pan Seared Egg Sandwich
bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar on ciabatta bread. Served with fruit salad or hash brown $13.50

Edge Breakfast
two eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns, toast or one buttermilk pancake $15

Steak & Eggs
NY striploin, toast and hash browns $17

Gluten Free Breakfast
two eggs, roast fingerling potato, fruit salad, bacon or ham, gluten free toast $13

Something Sweeter!!!

French Toast

Belgian Waffles
seasonal berry compote, whipped cream, Canadian maple syrup, fresh fruit $12

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes
whip cream, caramelized banana, syrup, fresh fruit $11

French Toast
walnut crust, pear & apple compote, maple syrup, fresh fruit $11


orange  |  apple  |  grapefruit  |  cranberry  |  tomato    $4.25

Bottled water  $3
San Pellegrino $3

coffee | tea $3.50       to go $3.75
espresso $4.50          cappuccino | latte $4.50
americano $3.50        extra shot $0.50

Side Orders

Toast and Jam $3

Fresh Fruit Salad $5

Extra Egg $2.50

Bacon, Ham, or Sausage $4

Gluten Free Toast (tapioca starch | rice flour) $4

½ Grapefruit $3

Almond Granola
with Milk or Yogurt

Canadian Maple Syrup $3

Mini Croissant $3

Tomato Slices $2

Hash Browns $3

Apple Strudel $3

Mini Cinnamon Bun $3

Muffin $3


Start / Share

French Fries

Breaded Chicken Strips
french fries, dijon aioli $13

Sweet Potato Fries
chipotle aioli $9

French Fries and Dips
parmesan aioli, curried mayo and smokey ketchup $8

hot, bbq, honey garlic, chilli lime or S&P $12

pickled jalapeno, tzatziki, lemon $13

black beans, chorizo (pork), jalapeno, with avocado relish,
sour cream and salsa $13 | $19

Soup / Salad

Daily Soup
served with garlic toast $6

House Greens
apple cider vinaigrette, radish, carrot, cucumber $6 | $10

Caesar Salad
romaine hearts, lemon, parmesan, croutons  $7 | $11

Arugula & Quinoa Salad
pear, mandarin orange, goat cheese, apple cider vinaigrette
$8 | $12
Add chicken breast $6  salmon fillet $8


Margherita Flatbread

All flatbreads baked crisp in our forno oven and topped with mozzarella, aged white cheddar, provolone cheese and our savoury herbed extra virgin olive oil.

tomato, basil, grana padano, extra virgin olive oil $14

Pepperoni and Mushroom
tomato, mozzarella $15

tomato, bell peppers, kalamata olives, roasted onions, feta cheese, oregano $15

prosciutto, roasted pineapple, jalapeño, tomato sauce $16


Smoked Salmon Flatbread

Smoked Salmon
citrus cream cheese, scallions, arugula and capers $17

Dipping Sauces
chipotle aioli | hot sauce | ranch | BBQ | parmesan aioli | curried mayo $1
Gluten free dough available $3

Burgers, Sandwiches & More

Salmon Burger

All sandwiches served with choice of fries, house greens, or soup
(Sub sweet potato fries or Caesar salad $2)

Roast Vegetable Melt
portobello mushroom, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, pesto, lemon aioli, swiss,
ciabatta bun  $14

Edge Burger
lettuce, tomato, pickle, aioli, cheddar, bacon, brioche bun   $15

Salmon Burger
avocado relish, kale, tomato, cucumber, lemon aioli, brioche bun  $18

Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger
apple coleslaw, bacon, swiss, chipotle aioli, brioche bun   $15

Beef Dip
braised short rib, arugula, swiss, red wine jus, stone-ground mustard aioli, sourdough  $16

Chicken Salad Sandwich
green apple, pickled red onion, hazelnuts, sourdough  $14

Five Cheese Grilled Cheese
mozza, provolone, swiss, aged cheddar, parmesan $13

Halibut and Chips

 Edge Steak Sandwich
– 7oz Angus Sirloin, crisp fried onion, stewed sweet peppers, mushrooms, garlic bread, fries   $17

Halibut and Chips
tartar sauce, apple coleslaw, lemon   $18    (Extra Piece  $6)



Gluten free burger buns available $1


Mac and Cheese

Spaghetti Bolognaise
ground beef, pancetta (pork),grana padano, basil, garlic bread $18

Mac and Cheese
parmesan panko, house green salad $15
Add: chorizo sausage $4.50

Seafood Linguine,
baby shrimp, halibut, smoked salmon, cherry tomato, pesto, lemon, parmesan broth $23

Add: garlic toast $3 | cheese toast $4


Potted Cheesecake

Potted Cheesecake
graham crumble, blueberry preserves $7

Warm Apple Tart
vanilla bean gelato, caramel, mint $8

Gluten Free Almond Torte
served with vanilla bean gelato, caramel, mint $7


Available everyday from 11 am to close. Wines are by the glass. Menu subject to change.

Wines by the glass 5 1/4oz / 8oz / bottle


Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Washington
9 / 13.25 / 43

Clos du Soleil Rose, B.C.
9 / 13.25 / 43

Danzante Pinot, Grigio, Italy
9 / 13.25 / 43

SYL Ranch Unleashed Chardonnay, B.C.
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

Sokol Blosser ‘Evolution 9’,Oregon
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

Sumac Ridge Gewurztraminer, B.C.
9.25 / 14.25 / 44


Angus- The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
9.5 / 14.5 / 45

14 hands Blend, Washington.
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

Nk'Mip Merlot, B.C.
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

Norton Reserva Malbec, Argentina
9.25 / 14.25 / 44

Scrubby Rise Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
9.5 / 14.5 / 45

SYL Ranch Pinot Noir, B.C.
9.25 / 14.25 / 44


Ruby Red

All cocktails are 2oz's at 10.25

Perfect Crime Apple and Pear infused Vodka, cranberry syrup, topped with Strongbow

Ruby Red Absolut Ruby Red, Giffard Grapefruit, grapefruit syrup, topped with soda

Orange Julius Absolut Mandrin Vodka, Apricot Brandy, vanilla syrup, fresh orange juice topped with soda

Razzie Lemonade Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Citron, Limoncello, fresh raspberry puree, topped with soda

Mai Tai Redux Appleton Rum VX and Sailor Jerry’s Spice Rum, Apricot Brandy, orgeat syrup, pineapple and orange juice

Red Sangria Red wine, Apricot Brandy, Cointreau and soda

White Sangria White wine, Absolut Apeach, Apricot Brandy, apple and pineapple juice


Siam Sam

All martini's are 2oz's at 10.25

Manolo Blahnik Cranberry-citrus infused Vodka, cranberry syrup topped with prosecco

Starburst Absolut Raspberri, Peach Schnapps and watermelon liqueur with pineapple and cranberry

Caramelized Pear Absolut Pear, Cointreau, Butter Ripple, lime and apple juice

Violet Beauregarde Absolut Pear, Stoli Blueberi, Giffard Blueberry Crème Myrtille, blueberry syrup and cranberry juice

Raspberri Shortcake Absolut Raspberri, Frangelico, sour puss raspberry liqueur, raspberry syrup topped with soda

Aki Matsuri Apple and Pear infused Vodka, Lychee Liqueur, cranberry syrup, fresh oj topped with soda

Siam Sam Absolut Citron Vodka, Giffard Ginger Liqueur, star anise and ginger syrup, passion fruit juice topped with soda


Very Berry

All bubbles are 9.75

Very Berry Giffard Pomegranate Liqueur, cranberry and pomegranate syrup, prosecco

The Chambull Red Bull, Chamboard and prosecco

The Edge Bellini Absolut Apeach, cranberry syrup, prosecco

Fruit in a Flute Absolut Pear, watermelon and banana liqueur, mint syrup, prosecco


Mionetto Prosseco Brut N/V, Italy
9.75 / 45

Sumac Ridge Steller’s Jay Brut
9.75 / 45

Blue Mountain Brut Rose, B.C.

GH Mumm, France

Pol Roger, France

Veuve Clicquot, 375ml, France

Veuve Clicquot, France

Gosset Grande Reserve, France

Dom Perignon

Coffee Drinks

All coffee drinks are 6.75

Bipolar Edge Butter Ripple Schnapps, Baileys and hot chocolate

B52 Baileys, Kahlua and Grand Marnier

Monte Cristo Grand Marnier and Kahlua

Pick Me Up! Baileys and a shot of espresso over ice

Spanish Brandy and Kahlua

Dessert Wines



Magnotta Ice Wine (50ml)

Sumac Ridge Pipe Port

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